Мой огород своими руками

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ТИП КРАТКАЯ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКА AD536A ANALOG SIGNAL CONDITIONER                 T01 AD595AQ THERMOCOUPLE AMPLIFIER                 14 PIN AD5203AR10 4 CHN 64 POSITION DIG POT  SMD         24 PIN W/SOIC AD7226KN 8 BIT QUAD D TO A CONVERTER            20 PIN AD8307AN DC TO 500mhz DEMOD LOG AMP             8 PIN AD9850BRS CMOS 125Mhz DDS SYNTHESIZER     28 SSOP ADC0804LCN 8 BIT A TO D CONVERTER                      20 PIN ADM485JN CMOS DIFFERENTIAL BUS TRANSCEIVER  8 PIN AM26S02PC DUAL MONOSTABLE/MULTIVIBRATOR  TTL Vcc мой огород своими руками 5v  16 PIN AM27S181ADC 1K x 8 PROM FUSE PROG 35ns            24 PIN AM8155DC RAM-1/0 TIMER    RIOT                          40 PIN AM93425APC TTL 1K x 1BIT RAM 3 STATE OUTPUT Vcc 5V 16 PIN AN240P TV  SOUND IF AN241P TV  TONE  IF AN360P AUDIO POWER AMP SINGLE CHANNEL Vcc 9V 7 PIN SIL AN4558P DUAL OP AMP  Vcc 18V                         8 PIN AN5512 TV VERTICAL DEFLECTION OUTPUT CIRCUIT 9 PIN SIL AN5515 TV  VERTICAL  AMPLIFIER                             7 PIN SIL AN5753 HORI DEFLECTION-SIGNAL PROCESSING B/W TV 9 PIN SIL AN6360 VTR COLOUR ACC CIRCUIT                   18 PIN AN7112E LF AMP 1W @ 4R                                9 PIN SIL ATTINY11-6P1 8 BIT CMOS MCU 1K FLASH 6 X 1/O LINES 6Mhz  8 PIN AY5-1224A DIGITAL CLOCK  60HZ  Vcc                    16 PIN AY5-3600PRO KEYBOARD ENCODER, ASC11 OUTPUT Vcc 5V 16 PIN BA1404 MONOLITHIC FM TRANSMITTER              18 PIN BA402 FM IF AMPLIFIER                                  7 PIN SIL BA546 6V 330MW SINGLE POWER AMP          9 PIN-SIP BA6124 5 POINT LED VU METER DR                  9 PIN-SIP BA6209N REVERSIBLE MOTOR DRIVER             10 PIN-SIL BA656 DISPLAY DRIVER BAR GRAPH GENERATOR 9 PIN SIP BA6664FM CD ROM DRIVER                               SMD 28 PIN BA7254S SWITCH LESS VIDEO SIGNAL PB/REC AMP  32 PIN CA0358E LOW POWER DUAL OP AMP                      8 PIN CC741CE OPERATIONAL AMP                                   8 PIN CA748CG SINGLE OP AMP Vcc 15V                           8 PIN CA1310E FM MULTIPLEXER STEREO DECODER      16 PIN CA1458E DUAL OP AMP                                            8 PIN CA1458G DUAL OP AMP                                            8 PIN CA3011 AMPLIFIER                                            9 PIN MC CA3012 WIDEBAND AMPLIFIER                              TO100 CA3026 DUAL DIFF AMPLIFIER ARRAYS          12 PIN MC CA3028AE DIFFERENTIAL/CASCADE AMPLIFIER         8 PIN CA3035 WIDEBAND AMP  NF 7db Pd 300mw   10 PIN CAN CA3046 TRANSISTOR ARRAY                                14 PIN CA3054 DUAL DIFF L/POWER AMP DC/120Mhz     14 PIN CA3080E SINGLE TRANS OP AMP                            8 PIN CA3082 TRANSISTOR ARRAY NPN                        16 PIN CA3083 TRANSISTOR ARRAY NPN                        16 PIN CA3086 TRANSISTOR ARRAY                                14 PIN CA3089E FM IF SYSTEM                                          16 PIN CA3096E TRANSISTOR ARRAY                                 16 PIN CA3102E DUAL HIGH FREQ DIFF AMP L/P  UP TO 500Mhz  14 PIN CA3127E TRANSISTOR ARRAY                                 16 PIN CA3130E SINGLE OP AMP MOSFET                           8 PIN CA3130T SINGLE OP AMP MOSFET                   8 PIN CAN CA3140E SINGLE OP AMP MOSFET                           8 PIN CA3146E HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSISTOR ARRAY        14 PIN CA3160E SINGLE OP AMP MOSFET                           8 PIN CA3161E BCD TO 7 SEG DECODER/DRIVER            16 PIN CA3162E 3 DIGIT A/D CONV WITH MULTI/PLEX BCD 16 PIN CA3189E FM IF SYSTEM                                          16 PIN CA3240AE DUAL OP AMP BIMOS                                 8 PIN CA3240E DUAL OP AMP BIMOS                                 8 PIN CA3240E1 DUAL BIMOS OP AMP                               14 PIN CA3260E BIMOS OP AMP WITH MOS/FET IN /CMOS OUT DUAL  8 PIN CA5130E BIMOS OP AMP WITH MOS/FET IN/CMOS OUT  8 PIN CA5160E BIMOS 5V OP AMP                                     8 PIN CA5260E BIMOS OP AMP WITH MOSFET IN/CMOS OUT DUAL  8 PIN CS212 SECURITY DETECTOR RX/TX                     16 PIN CS2907N8 F TO V CONVERTER                                   8 PIN CS2917N8 F TO V CONVERTER I/S                              8 PIN CS2917N14 F TO V CONVERTER I/S                            14 PIN D2149H-3 STATIC RAM 1K X 4  55ns  Vcc 5V D2716 EPROM 2K X 8  450ns 3 STATE Vcc 5V     24 PIN D2758 EPROM 1K X 8  450ns 3 STATE Vcc 5V     24 PIN D41464L-12 DYNAMIC RAM   64K   X   4  120ns  SMD D4289 STANDARD MEMORY INTERFACE            40 PIN D8080A1 8 BIT MICROPROCESSOR  Vcc 5V            40 PIN D8202A DYNAMIC RAM CONTROLLER  Vcc 5V      40 PIN D8212 8 BIT INPUT/OUTPUT PORT   Vcc 5V         24 PIN D8251A 8 BIT PROG COMM INTERFACE  5Vcc      28 PIN D8251AC 8 BIT PROG COMM INTERFACE               28 PIN DG211CJ QUAD CMOS SWITCH                              16 PIN DG212CJ QUAD CMOS SWITCH                              16 PIN DG411DJ QUAD CMOS SWITCH                              16 PIN DG412DJ QUAD CMOS SWITCH                              16 PIN DIL/HEAD+14PIN 14 PIN TURNED DIL HEADER   0.3 PITCH DIL/HEAD+24PIN 24 PIN TURNED DIL HEADER   0.6 PITCH DIL/QIL 14 PIN DIL TO 14 PIN QIL I.C. SOCKET 0.3 PITCH DM74ALS30AN 8 INPUT POSITIVE NAND GATE                 14 PIN DM81LS95AN 3 STATE OCTAL BUFFER                          20 PIN DM8544 TRI STATE QUAD SWITCH DEBOUNCER   16 PIN DQ2864-250 EEPROM 8K X 8 250ns 3 STATE Vcc 5V    28 PIN DS0026CN DUAL MOS CLOCK DRIVER 5 Mhz              8 PIN DS14C88N QUAD CMOS RS232 L/DR                         14 PIN DS14C89N QUAD CMOS RS232 LINE RX                     14 PIN DS3686N DUAL POWER DRIVER TTL OPEN COIL 5 Vcc 8 PIN EF6854P ACIAs   Vcc 5V EL2001CN LOW POWER 70MHZ BUFFER AMP           8 PIN EL2020CN 50Mhz CURRENT FEEDBACK  SINGLE OP AMP  8 PIN EP2015CN FAST QUAD PNP ARRAY                         14 PIN EXT/DIL I.C. EXTRACTOR TOOL F2102LIPC 1024 X 1BIT  STATIC RAM                         16 PIN FM24CO2UN 2K BIT STD 2-WIRE BUS INTERFACE SERIAL EEPROM 8 PIN FX315P2 CTCSS ENCODE                                      14 PIN FX614P3 BELL 202 COMPATIBLE MODEM              16 PIN G386N (LM386) LOW VOLTAGE AUDIO POWER AMP 0.25W  8 PIN GR281 16K (2Kx8) NON-VOLATILE RAM 100NS    24 PIN HA11235 IF VISION AMPLIFIER  +  AGC                  20 PIN HA1156W FM RECEIVER CIRCUIT                            14 PIN HA1319 AUDIO AMP MONO 800mw @ 4ohms Vcc 6V HA1338 AUDIO AMP MONO 5WATT @ 8 ohms Vcc 24V HA1366WR AUDIO AMP MONO 4.5WATT @ 4 ohms Vcc 13V HA1388 AUDIO AMP MONO 15WATT @ 4 ohms Vcc 18V HA1397 AUDIO AMP MONO 20WATT @ 8 ohms Vcc 30V HEF4008BP 4 BIT BINARY FULL ADDER WITH CARRY I/O 16 PIN HEF4046BP PHASE LOCKED LOOP                                  16 PIN HEF4053BP TRIPLE 2-1 LINE ANALOG/MUX/DEMUX          16 PIN HEF4066BP QUAD ANALOG SWITCHES                           14 PIN HEF4093BP QUAD 2 INPUT NAND SCHMITT TRIGGER       14 PIN HEF40106BP HEX INVERTERS WITH SCHMITT TRIGGERS   14 PIN HEF4518BP DUAL BCD UP COUNTER                               16 PIN HM472114P-3 1024 word x 4 BIT STATIC RAM  300ns  +5V    18 PIN HM4864P-2 65536 X 1BIT DYNAMIC ACCESS MEMORY    16 PIN HM6116P-4 16K  X  1 BIT DYNAMIC RAM                          24 PIN HN613128P MASK PROG ROM 16K X 8 250ns Vcc 5V       28 PIN HT48R30-A-0 8 BIT I/O TYPE OTP MCU              NARROW   28 PIN HT9170 DTMF DECODER      5vDC SUPPLY                18 PIN HT9201A TONE DIALLER           2 TO 5.5V                     16 PIN ICL7106CPL 3 1/2 DIGIT LCD/LED DISPLAY A/D CONVERTER  40 PIN ICL7107CPL 3 1/2 DIGIT LCD/LED DISPLAY A/D CONVERTER  40 PIN ICL7109CPL 12 BIT MICROPROCESSOR COMPACT A/D CONVERTER  40 PIN ICL7129CPL 4 1/2 DIGIT LCD SINGLE CHIP A/D CONVERTER   40 PIN ICL7135CPI 4 1/2 DIGIT BCD OUTPUT A/D CONVERTER          28 PIN ICL7611DCPA LOW POWER CMOS OP AMP 0 TO 70 D GRADE   8 PIN ICL7660ACPA SWITCHED CAPACITOR V/CONVERTER                8 PIN ICL7660SCPA CMOS VOLTAGE CONVERTER 1.5 TO 12V             8 PIN ICL8038BCJD PRECISION WAVEFORM GEN/VOLT CON OSC     14 PIN ICL8038CCPD PRECISION WAVEFORM GEN/VOLT CONT OSC   14 PIN ICL8211CPA MICRO POWER VOLTAGE DETECTOR INDICATOR  8 PIN ICM7217AIPI 4 DIGIT UP/DOWN DECADE COUNTER/CC DISPLAY  28 PIN ICM7217IJI 4 DIGIT LED DISP PRO UP/DOWN COUNTER COM/A  28 PIN ICM7218AIJI CMOS UNI 8 DIGIT LED DRIVER SYSTEM COM/A    28 PIN ICM7224IPL 4 1/2 DIGIT LCD DISPLAY COUNTER               40 PIN ICM7225IPL 4 1/2 DIGIT 7 SEG DISPLAY COUNTER           40 PIN ICM7555IPA CMOS LOW POWER SINGLE TIMER                8 PIN ICM7556IPD CMOS LOW POWER DUAL TIMER                  14 PIN ICS501M LOCO PLL CLOCK MULTIPLIER UP TO 160Mhz 8 PIN IMS2600P-15 DYNAMIC RAM 64K X 1 150ns Vcc 5V             16 PIN IR9358 DUAL OP AMP 1.5 TO 15V+/-DUAL SUPPLY     8 PIN KA358 LOW POWER OP AMP                                     8 PIN KA741 QUAD OP AMP 200V/mv GAIN +-mv OFFSET     8 PIN KA741D QUAD OP AMP 200V/mv GAIN +-mv OFFSET     8 PIN SMD KA2101 TV SOUND IF AMP                                          14 PIN KA2206B AUDIO AMP MONO 4.7WATT @ 8 ohms Vcc15V KA2209 AUDIO AMP STEREO 650mw @ 8 ohms Vcc 15V KA3213 RADIO FM FRONT END KIA7217AP 5.8W AUDIO POWER AMP, CAR  STEREO  10 PIN SIP KM41C256P-7 DYNAMIC RAM KTY10/5 TEMP SENSOR 1950-1990 ohms @ 25c  25V   TO92 KTY10/6 TEMP SENSOR 1980-2020 ohms @ 25c  25V   TO92 L121A ZERO VOLTAGE SWITCH/BURST CONTROL  12V IN L123CT MON VOLTAGE REG 2/6V 6/8V 8/37V @ 150MA  TO100 L165V OP AMP PROVIDING 3A OUTPUT CURRENT PENTAWATT L200CV ADJ VOLTAGE REG 2.85 TO 36V @ 2A  5 PIN PENTAWATT L203CM SMD L272 DUAL OP AMP PROVIDING 1A O/P   Vcc28V  16 PIN L272M DUAL OP AMP                                                 8 PIN L293E STEPPER MOTOR CONTROL/DRIVE 4 CH @ 1A  20 PIN L387A LOW DROP OUT 5V REG WITH RESET @ 500MA 5 PIN TO220 L465 POWER OP AMP 4A OUTPUT                 5 PIN TO220 L4918 VOLTAGE REG 8.5V @ 250ma 4.5% TOL 20V IN MAX LA1222 FM  IF  AMPLIFIER  V/G 30db  2 x  DIFF AMPS   8 PIN LA1231N FM IF AMP & DISCRIMINATOR                          16 PIN LA1365 SOUND IF AMP ELECTRONIC VOLUME AF DRIVER 14 PIN LA3350 PLL MULTIPLEX STEREO DEMODULATOR        16 PIN LA3361 PLL MULTIPLEX STEREO DEMODULATOR        16 PIN LA4031P AUDIO AMP 2WATTS                                        14 PIN LA4125 2 CHN AF POWER AMP  RADIO/TAPE REC  2.4W @ 4R LA4140 AUDIO AMP MONO 500mw @ 8 ohms Vcc 6V      SIL 9 LA4160 SINGLE CHIP TAPE RECORDER AUDIO SYSTEM 14 PIN TAB LA4182 AUDIO AMP STEREO 2.3W @ 4 ohms Vcc 9V    12 PIN LA4420 AUDIO AMP MONO 4.5W @ 4 ohms VCC 13V LA4445 AUDIO AMP STEREO 5.5W @ 4 ohms Vcc 13.2V LA4460 AUDIO AMP MONO 12W @ 4 ohms Vcc 13.2V LA4461 AUDIO AMP MONO 12W @ 4 ohms Vcc 13.2V LA6500 OP AMP  SINGLE                                  7 PIN ZIG/ZAG LA7042P                                                                                    20 PIN LA7520 SOUND & VIDEO IF STAGES  Vcc 12V   30 PIN LA7577 SUPER SPILT PLL-11 VIF/SIF IF SIGNAL PROCESSOR TV  24 PIN LA7800 COLOUR TV SYNCHRONIZATION  DEFLECTION CIRCUIT 16 PIN LA7830 COLOUR TV VERT DEFLECTION OUTPUT CIR 1.5A  7 PIN SIL LF351N SINGLE JFET OP AMP                                    8 PIN LF353N DUAL JFET OP AMP COM SUPPLY RAILS      8 PIN LF355N HIGH PERFORMANCE OP AMP                      8 PIN LF356N SINGLE JFET OP AMP HIGH SLEW RATE       8 PIN LF357N BIFET HIGH SPEED OP AMP                          8 PIN LF398N FET SAMPLE AND HOLD AMP                        8 PIN LF411CN BIFET LOW OFFSET OP AMP VOS 2MV         8 PIN LF412CN DUAL BIFET LOW OFFSET OP AMP VOS 3MV  8 PIN LF442CN DUAL BIFET LOW POWER OP AMP               8 PIN LM224N QUAD OP AMP                                             14 PIN LM224J QUAD OP AMP   IND TEMP                           14 PIN LM301AN IMPROVED OP AMP                                       8 PIN LM308N SUPER GAIN OP AMP                                    8 PIN LM311N VOLTAGE COMPARATOR 200ns                     8 PIN LM311H VOLTAGE COMPARATOR 200ns                    8/TO5 LM311P VOLTAGE COMPARATOR 165ns                     8 PIN LM318N HIGH SLEW OP AMP        SPECIAL              14 PIN LM319N FAST DUAL COMPARATOR                          14 PIN LM324N QUAD OP AMP                                             14 PIN LM331N VOLTAGE TO FREQUENCY CONVERTER       8 PIN LM335Z PRECISION TEMPERATURE SENSOR             T092 LM339N QUAD LOW POWER COMPARATOR 1300ns 14 PIN LM348N QUAD 741 OP AMP                                      14 PIN LM358N DUAL L/POWER SINGLE SUPPLY OP AMP    8 PIN LM380N 2 WATT AUDIO AMP                                     14 PIN LM380N8 0.6WATT AUDIO AMP                                     8 PIN LM381N LOW NOISE DUAL PRE AMP                        14 PIN LM382N LOW NOISE STEREO PREAMP                    14 PIN LM385Z-2.5 2.5V MICRO POWER REF T.C. 150ppm/C        T092 LM386M1 LOW VOLTAGE AUDIO POWER AMP 0.25 WATT SMD  8 PIN LM386N1 LOW VOLTAGE AUDIO POWER AMP 0.25 WATT  8 PIN LM386N3 LOW VOLTAGE AUDIO POWER AMP 0.5 WATT    8 PIN LM386N4 LOW VOLTAGE AUDIO POWER AMP 0.7 WATT    8 PIN LM387N STEREO PRE-AMP LOW NOISE  0.8uv                  8 PIN LM388N1 1.5 WATT AUDIO POWER AMP                           14 PIN LM392N OP AMP AND COMPARATOR                               8 PIN LM393N DUAL VOLTAGE COMPARATOR                           8 PIN LM394H SUPER MATCH TRANSISTOR PAIR                    6/TO5 LM395T HI-REL NPN TRANSISTOR  36V @ 2.2A               TO220 LM399H 6.95V PRECISION REF-TC 2ppm/C                       4/TO5 LM555CN SINGLE TIMER                                                     8 PIN LM565CN PHASE LOOKED LOOP 5  TO  12V SUPPLY       14 PIN LM566CN VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSC  PLL  1 Mhz  12V   8 PIN LM567CN TONE DECODER                                                  8 PIN LM709CN HIGH SPEED OP AMP                                        14 PIN LM710CN HIGH SPEED COMPARATOR                              14 PIN LM725CN INSTRUMENTATION OP AMP                                8 PIN LM741CN COMPENSATED OPERATIONAL AMP                   8 PIN LM747CN DUAL COMPENSATED OP AMP                          14 PIN LM833N LOW NOISE DUAL AUDIO OP AMP                       8 PIN LM1011N ANALOG SIGNAL CONDITIONER LM1035N ANALOG SIGNAL CONDITIONER  Vcc  12V         20 PIN LM1203N WIDEBAND VIDEO AMP SYSTEM                      28 PIN LM1205N WIDEBAND VIDEO AMP SYSTEM  130Mhz         28 PIN LM1207N WIDEBAND VIDEO AMP SYSTEM    85Mhz         28 PIN LM1391N PLL/TV HORIZONTAL PROCESSOR                      8 PIN LM1458M DUAL COM OP AMP   TWO 741s  SMD                 8 PIN LM1458N DUAL COMPENSATED OP AMP                           8 PIN LM1830N FLUID LEVEL DETECTOR                                   14 PIN LM1877N9 STEREO AMP 2 X 2WATT                                   14 PIN LM1881N VIDEO SYNC SEPARATOR                                   8 PIN LM1894N DYNAMIC NOISE REDUCTION SYSTEM 4.5v to 18v 14 PIN LM2405T MONOLITHIC TRIPLE 7ns CRT DRIVER            11 PIN SIL LM2437T MONOLITHIC TRIPLE 7.5 ns CRT DRIVER           9/TO220 LM2901N QUAD LOW POWER COMPARATOR                   14 PIN LM2902N QUAD OP AMP                                                   14 PIN LM2903N DUAL LOW POWER COMPARATOR                     8 PIN LM2904M DUAL OP AMP  SMD                                            8 PIN LM2904N DUAL OP AMP                                                     8 PIN LM2917N8 F TO V CONVERTER  TACHOMETER                    8 PIN LM2917N14 F TO V CONVERTER  TACHOMETER                  14 PIN LM3046N TRANSISTOR ARRAY                                         14 PIN LM3086N TRANSISTOR ARRAY                                         14 PIN LM3900N QUAD NORTON AMP                                         14 PIN LM3909N LED FLASHER/OSCILLATOR                                8 PIN LM3911N TEMP SENSOR 0.3% LONG TERM STAB 36Vcc CAN 8 PIN LM3914N LED BAR/DOT DISPLAY DRIVER 10 LINEAR STEPS 18 PIN LM3915N LED BAR/DOT DISPLAY DRIVER LOG SCALING       18 PIN LM4755T STEREO 11 WATT P/AMP WITH MUTE @ 4 R   9/T0220 LM4865M AUDIO AMPLIFIER   SMD                                   8 PIN LM7000N FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER  fmax  8mhz         20 PIN LM7131BCN HIGH SPEED OP AMP  70Mhz  GBW                  8 PIN LM13600 DUAL TRAN CONDUCTANCE AMP                    16 PIN LM13700N DUAL TRAN CONDUCTANCE AMP                    16 PIN LMC555CN CMOS SINGLE TIMER                                        8 PIN LMC660CN CMOS QUAD OP AMPLIFIER                            14 PIN LMC662CN CMOS DUAL OP AMP                                        8 PIN LS141CM SINGLE OP AMP INTER COMP Vcc 22V  SMD    8 PIN LT1081CN DUAL RS232 DRIVER/RECEIVER                      16 PIN LT1252CN8 CURRENT FEEDBACK VIDEO AMP                    8 PIN LTC1099CN 8 BIT A/D CONVERTER (BINARY) Vcc 12V+      20 PIN M24C01-WBN6 1K       128  X  8  SERIAL CMOS EEPROM  2.5 TO 5.5V  8 PIN M24C02-WBN6 2K       256  X  8  SERIAL CMOS EEPROM  2.5 TO 5.5V  8 PIN M24C04-WBN6 4K       512  X  8  SERIAL CMOS EEPROM  2.5 TO 5.5V  8 PIN M24C08-WBN6 8K         1K  X  8  SERIAL CMOS EEPROM 2.5 TO 5.5V  8 PIN M24C16-WBN6 16K       2K  X  8  SERIAL CMOS EEPROM 2.5 TO 5.5V  8 PIN M24C32-WBN6 32K       4K  X  8  SERIAL CMOS EEPROM 2.5 TO 5.5V  8 PIN M24C64-WBN6 64K       8K  X  8  SERIAL CMOS EEPROM 2.5 TO 5.5V  8 PIN M24C64-W6 64K       8K  X  8  SERIAL CMOS EEPROM 2.5 TO 5.5V  8 PIN M27128A-2FI 128K  16K  X  8  EPROM  200ns ACCESS              28 PIN M27512F1 512K  64K  X  8  EPROM  250ns ACCESS              28 PIN M41256A-10 262,144 WORD X 1 BIT DYNAMIC RAM                  16 PIN M5L8255AP-5 PROGRAMMABLE PERIPHERAL INTERFACE        40 PIN M51182L AUDIO POWER AMP  SINGLE CH  250mw  @  8R   SIP M51496P VIF &SIF FOR COLOUR TV SETS                          18 PIN M5218P DUAL OP AMP  Vcc NOMINAL +15V                       8 PIN M774B1 TELEPHONE W/OUTPUT TONE RINGER/GEN       14 PIN M93C46-BN6 EEPROM 1K  128 X 8 OR 64 X 16 SERIAL CMOS     8 PIN MAX186DCPP 12 BIT A/D CONVERTER 8 CHN                             20 PIN MAX231CPD CMOS 2/2      RS232 DRIVERS/RX                         14 PIN MAX232CPE CMOS 2/2      RS232 DRIVERS/RX  +5V                 16 PIN MAX232N CMOS 2/2      RS232 DRIVERS/RX  +5V                 16 PIN MAX233CPP CMOS 2/2      RS232 DRIVERS/RX NO EXT CAPS   20 PIN MAX236CNG CMOS 4/3      RS232 DRIVERS/RX                          24 PIN MAX238CNG CMOS 4/4      RS232 DRIVERS/RX +5V                   24 PIN MAX293CPA 8th ORDER LOW PASS ELLIPTIC SW CAP FILTER   8 PIN MAX294CPA 8th ORDER LOW PASS ELLIPTIC SW CAP FILTER   8 PIN MAX297CPA 8th ORDER LOW PASS ELLIPTIC SW CAP FILTER   8 PIN MAX436EPD 250Mhz W/BAND TRAN CONDUCTANCE  AMP       14 PIN MAX494CPD QUAD MICRO POWER  OP AMP                            14 PIN MAX521ACWG OCTAL 2 WIRE SERIAL 8 BIT DAC  SMD                 24 PIN MAX525BCAP L/P QUAD 12 BIT V/OUT DAC W/SERIAL I/FACE     20 PIN SMD MAX534BCPE 8 BIT QUAD DAC                                                    16 PIN MAX603ESA 5V OR ADJ LOW DROPOUT LOW IQ 500ma L/REG   8 PIN SMD MAX604ESA 3.3V OR ADJ L/DROPOUT LOW IQ 500ma L/REG      8 PIN SMD MAX660CPA CMOS VOLTAGE CONVERTER OP                           8 PIN MAX662ACPA 12V OUTPUT CHARGE PUMP DC/DC CONVERTER   8 PIN MAX665CPA 8V CMOS SW CAP VOLTAGE CONVERTER              8 PIN MAX690ACPA MICROPROCESSOR SUPERVISORY  CIRCUITS        8 PIN MAX828EUK SWITCHED CAP VOLTAGE INVERTER SMD         SOT23-5 MAX1232CPA LOW POWER CMOS MICRO MONITOR                     8 PIN MAX2611EUS DC TO MICROWAVE L/NOISE AMP SMD               SOT143 MAX2650EUS DC TO MICROWAVE +5V L/N AMP  SMD               SOT143 MAX3100CEE SPI/MICROWIRE COMPATIBLE UART  SMD            16 PIN MAX3232CPE CMOS  2/2  RS232 DRIVERS/RX  +3V3                    16 PIN MAX7400CPA 8th ORDER LOW PASS ELLIPTIC SW CAP FILTER    8 PIN MB3712 AF AMPLIFIER   5.7WATTS                                       8 PIN MB8116H 16K  x  1  DYNAMIC RAM 12Vcc                              16 PIN MB81256-80 DYNAMIC NMOS RAM  80ns ACCESS                     16 PIN MBM2764-25 64K 8kx8  EPROM 250ns ACCESS                          28 PIN MC10105P TRIPLE 2-3-2 INPUT OR/NOR GATE                         16 PIN MC10106P TRIPLE 4-3-3 INPUT NOR GATE                               16 PIN MC10116 TRIPLE LINE RECEIVER ECL PROCESS                 16 PIN MC10125P QUAD MECL TO TTL TRANSLATOR                         16 PIN MC10131L DUAL TYPE D MASTER-SLAVE FLIP FLOP             16 PIN MC10216L BUS LINE RECEIVER  DIFFERENTIAL  ECL             16 PIN MC12017P FREQUENCY DIVIDER PROGRAMMABLE                 8 PIN MC1307P MONOLITHIC FM MULTIPLEX STEREO DEMOD        14 PIN MC1310P FM MULTIPLEXER STEREO DECODER                    16 PIN MC1330P LOW LEVEL VIDEO DETECTOR                                 8 PIN MC1349P GENERAL PURPOSE IF/RF AMP 80DB                      8 PIN MC1350P WIDE RANGE AGC IF AMP FOR RADIO/TV                8 PIN MC1377P COLOUR TELEVISION RGB TO PAL/NTSC ENCODER  20 PIN MC14007UBCP DUAL COMPLEMENTARY CMOS PAIR + INVERTER  14 PIN MC14011UBCP QUAD 2 INPUT NAND GATES                                    14 PIN MC14013BCP DUAL D FLIP/FLOP WITH SET & RESET                    14 PIN MC14025BCP TRIPLE 3 INPUT NOR GATES                                    14 PIN MC14040BCP 12 BIT BINARY RIPPLE/COUNTER/DIVIDER               16 PIN MC14046BCP PHASE LOCK LOOP                                                 16 PIN MC14050BCP HEX NON INVERT DOWN SHIFTER/CONVERTER      16 PIN MC14060BCP 14 BIT ASYNC BINARY COUNTER                             16 PIN MC14066BCP QUAD BI-LATERAL SWITCH                                      14 PIN MC14069UB HEX INVERTER UNBUFFERED                                  14 PIN MC14070BCP QUAD 2 INPUT XOR GATES                                       14 PIN MC14071BCP QUAD 2INPUT OR GATE                                            14 PIN MC14075BCP TRIPLE 3 INPUT OR GATE                                         14 PIN MC14076BCP 4 BIT TRI STATE D FLIP/FLOP                                    16 PIN MC14093BCP QUAD 2 INPUT NAND SCHMITT TRIGGER                   14 PIN MC14106BCP HEX INVERTING SCHMITT TRIGGER                           14 PIN MC14411P UART CLOCK GENERATOR  I/P FREQ 1.85MHZ          24 PIN MC14433P 3 1/2 DIGIT A/D CONVERTER                                      24 PIN MC145026P REMOTE CONTROL ENCODER 9 BIT BINARY             16 PIN MC14503BCP BUFFER                                                                     16 PIN MC145151P2 PARALLEL INPUT PLL FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER    28 PIN MC14510BCP BCD UP/DOWN COUNTER                                          16 PIN MC14512BCP 8 — 1 LINE TRI STATE DATA SELECTOR/MUX               16 PIN MC14516BCP 4 BIT SYNC UP/DOWN CONVERTER                           16 PIN MC14518BCP DUAL BCD UP COUNTER RESET HIGH/LOW CLOCK   16 PIN MC14519BCP QUAD 2-1 LINE NON INVERTING SELECTOR/MUX       16 PIN MC14521BCP 24Bit ASYNC BINARY COUNTER WITH OSC & RESET 16 PIN MC14528BCP DUAL RETRIGGERABLE MONO MULTIVIBRATOR        16 PIN MC14541BCP 16 BIT PROGRAMMABLE COUNTER/TIMER                 14 PIN MC1455PI TIMER FOR ACCURATE DELAYS                                 14 PIN MC14584BCP HEX INVERTORS WITH SCHMITT TRIGGER INPUTS      14 PIN MC14585BCP 4 BIT MAGNITUDE COMPARATOR                                16 PIN MC1458G VOLTAGE FEEDBACK OP AMP                             CAN 8 PIN MC1458P DUAL OP AMPLIFIER     Vcc  15v                                   8 PIN MC1488 QUAD RS232 LINE DRIVER                                          14 PIN MC1488N QUAD RS232 LINE DRIVER                                          14 PIN MC1488P QUAD RS232 LINE DRIVER                                          14 PIN MC1489AN QUAD RS232 LINE RECEIVER                                      14 PIN MC1489AP QUAD RS232 LINE RECEIVER                                      14 PIN MC1489P QUAD RS232 LINE RECEIVER                                      14 PIN MC1496L RF MODULATOR/DEMODULATOR                                14 PIN MC1496N DOUBLE BALANCED MIXER                                         14 PIN MC1496P BALANCED MODULATOR/DEMODULATOR                   14 PIN MC1536G HIGH VOLTAGE INT COMP OP AMP Vcc 40v +        CAN 8 PIN MC1733P VIDEO AMPLIFIER  Vcc 6V                                           14 PIN MC1741CPI SINGLE OP AMP COMP NULL ABLE Vcc 15V                 8 PIN MC1741NCPI SINGLE OP AMP                                                            8 PIN MC1747CP2 741 DUAL OP AMP                                                       14 PIN MC33078P LOW NOISE DUAL AUDIO AMPLIFIER                            8 PIN MC3340P ELECTRONIC ATTENUATOR 20Vdc 1.2W                      20 PIN MC3357P L/POWER FM IF AMP FOR DUAL CONVERSION RX      16 PIN MC3361AP LOW POWER FM IF SYSTEM                                       16 PIN MC3362P LOW POWER DUAL CONVERSION FM RX                    24 PIN MC3371P NARROWBAND SINGLE CONVERSION RX                    16 PIN MC3401P OP AMP  QUAD  UNITY BW  5 Mhz  Vcc  15V                14 PIN MC3403N QUAD LOW DISTORTION SINGLE SUPPLY OP AMP      14 PIN MC3403P QUAD LOW DISTORTION SINGLE SUPPLY OP AMP      14 PIN MC3423PI  MOT OVER VOLTAGE CROWBAR PROTECTION                     8 PIN MC3423PI    TI OVER VOLTAGE CROWBAR PROTECTION                     8 PIN MC3486N QUAD DIFFERENTIAL RS422 LINE RX TRI STATE           16 PIN MC3487N QUAD DIFFERENTIAL RS422 LINE DRIVER                    16 PIN MC3487P QUAD DIFFERENTIAL RS422 LINE DRIVER                    16 PIN MC458P QUAD 2 INPUT NAND GATE                                           14 PIN MC4558CDP DUAL WIDE BANDWIDTH OP AMP                                  8 PIN MC68A50P ACIAs    Vcc 5V                                                           24 PIN MC6821P 8 BIT PERIPHERAL INTERFACE ADAPTOR  5Vcc             40 PIN MC6850P ACIAs    Vcc 5V                                                           24 PIN MC6880AP 4 BIT BUS TRANSCEIVER                                             16 PIN MC2114P45 1K  X  4 BIT STATIC RAM 3 STATE 450ns                      18 PIN MCM4116BP20 16K X 1 BIT PAGE MODE DRAM                                     16 PIN MF10CCN UNIVERSAL MONOLITHIC SW CAP FILTER                     20 PIN MJ2812 MOS FIFO REGISTER  32  X  8  3 STATE INDEP R/W      28 PIN MK3880N-4IRL                                                                                  40 PIN MK3882N                                                                                  28 PIN MK3882N-4 COUNTER TIMER CIRCUIT  Vcc 5V                                28 PIN MK3887 SERIAL I/O CONTROLLER  (Z80A)  Vcc 5V                     40 PIN MK4116N-16P 16K X 1 BIT PAGE MODE DRAM                                     16 PIN MK4564N-25 NMOS 65536 X 1 BIT DYNAMIC RAM                             16 PIN MK484 AM RADIO IC      EQV  ZN414                                         TO92 ML748CP SINGLE OP AMP ML922 REMOTE CONTROL RECEIVER Vcc16V                         18 PIN MM80C95J TRI-STATE HEX BUFFERS   3 TO 15V SUPPLY               16 PIN MM2102AN-4L 1024 X 1BIT STATIC RAM  450ns ACCESS                     16 PIN MM2114-3L STATIC RAM 1K X 4 300ns MM2114J-2 STATIC RAM 1K X 4                                                     16 PIN MM5280N DYNAMIC RAM 4K X 1 200ns 3 STATE Vcc12V                22PIN MM58312N LATCHING TOUCH SWITCH                                           14 PIN MM14538BCN TRI-STATE HEX BUFFERS  (CD4503BCN)                       16 PIN MN1206A CMOS QUARTZ DIGITAL CLOCK CIRCUIT                       18 PIN MN3101 CLOCK GEN/DRIVER FOR BBD Vcc -15V                        8 PIN MN3102 CLOCK GEN/DRIVER FOR BBD Vcc +5V                         8 PIN MT8870DE DTMF RECEIVER LOW POWER                                    18 PIN NE544N SERVO AMPLIFIER                                                       14 PIN NE555D SINGLE TIMER  SMD                                                      8 PIN NE555N SINGLE TIMER                                                            8 PIN NE556N DUAL TIMER                                                                14 PIN NE561 PLL  2  I/P DIFFERENTIALLY/SINGLEtd                           16 PIN NE564N PHASE LOCKED LOOP OP UP TO 50mhz  5V               16 PIN NE565N PHASE LOCKED LOOP 5V TO 12V SUPPLY                 14 PIN NE566N VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSC  1Mhz   12V                     8 PIN NE567N TONE DECODER                                                            8 PIN NE571N TELEPHONE SUBSCRIBER COMPANDER                     16 PIN NE572N PROG ANALOG COMPANDER                                       16 PIN NE592N8 DIFFERENTIAL VIDEO AMP                                             8 PIN NE592N14 DIFFERENTIAL VIDEO AMP                                           14 PIN NE5532N DUAL NOISE OP AMP                                                    8 PIN NE5532P DUAL LOW NOISE OP AMP                                            8 PIN NE5533AN DUAL DECOMPENSATED OP AMP                               14 PIN NE5534AN LOW NOISE OP AMP                                                     8 PIN NE5534N LOW NOISE OP AMP                                                     8 PIN NE5534P LOW NOISE OP AMP                                                     8 PIN NE5539P WIDEBAND OP AMP                                                    14 PIN NJM2073D DUAL LOW VOLTAGE POWER AMP  1.2W @ 8R typ      8 PIN NJM2206D L/POWER IF/AF PLL CIR FOR NARROW BAND FM RX  20 PIN NMC9306N EEPROM 16 X 16 MOS                                                   8 PIN OP07CP PRECISION OP AMP  Vos 150uv Max Drift  1.8uv/c Max    8 PIN OPA134PA LOW NOISE LOW DISTORTION  AUDIO AMP                   8 PIN P2111A-4 256 x 4 BIT STATIC RAM  450ns  5V+                           18 PIN P74PCT374APC TRI-STATE OCTAL D FLIP/FLOP                                    20 PIN P8031AH 8 BIT MICROCOMPUTER NMOS     5Vcc                       40 PIN P8035HL 8 BIT MICROCOMPUTER NMOS     5Vcc                       40 PIN P8048 8 BIT MICRO CONTROLLER            5Vcc                       40 PIN P8085AH 8 BIT MICROPROCESSOR NMOS   5Vcc                       40 PIN P8155H 8 BIT 256 X8 RAM3 PROGRAMMABLE PORTS  5Vcc     40 PIN P8243 NMOS  I/O EXPANDER     5 Vcc                                    24 PIN P8251 PROG COMM. INTERFACE 2.4Mhz 5Vcc                       28 PIN P8251A PROG COMM. INTERFACE 3Mhz                                  28 PIN P8255A PROGRAMMABLE PERIPHERAL INTERFACE    5Vcc    40 PIN P8257 DAM CONTROLLER   5 Vcc                                           40 PIN P8279-5 NMOS PROG KEYBOARD/DISPLAY/INTERFACE 5Vcc  40 PIN PAL16L8ACN OCTAL 16 INPUT AND/OR INVERT GATE ARRAY           20 PIN PAL16L8BCN OCTAL 16 INPUT AND/OR INVERT GATE ARRAY           20 PIN PC74HC14P HEX SCHMITT TRIGGER                                               14 PIN PC74HC4053P TRIPLE 2 CHANNEL MULTIPLEXER                               16 PIN PC87310DVF DUAL UART W/FLOPPY DISK CON   5Vcc                  SOQ100 PCF8574P I/O EXPANDER 8400/84C DIFFERENT SLAVE ADDRESS 16 PIN PIC12C508-04P 8 BIT CMOS EPROM MCU 512b OPT PROM    4Mhz         8 PIN PIC12C509-04P 8 BIT CMOS EPROM MCU  1Kb  OPT PROM   4Mhz         8 PIN PIC16F83-04P 8 BIT CMOS EEPROM MCU  512b FLASH        4 Mhz      18 PIN PIC16F84-04P 8 BIT CMOS EEPROM MCU  1Kb   FLASH      4 Mhz       18 PIN PIC16F876-04/SP 8 BIT CMOS MCU  8K FLASH  368bytes RAM  4 Mhz       28 PIN PIC16C71-04SO 8 BIT CMOS EPROM MCU WITH ADC 4Mhz                    18 PIN PM7528FP 8 BIT A/D CONVERTER                                                  20 PIN PQ2864-350 EEPROM 8K X 8 350ns 3 STATE Vcc 5V                          28 PIN RC4136N GEN PERFORMANCE QUAD 741 OP AMP  0 TO 18 V      14 PIN RC4558P DUAL GEN/PURPOSE OP AMP                                        8 PIN RC4805D SINGLE VOLTAGE COMPARATOR Vcc 5.5V                     8 PIN RC555NB SINGLE TIMER                                                               8 PIN RS1488 QUAD RS232 LINE DRIVER                                            14 PIN RS1489 QUAD RS232 LINE RECEIVER                                        14 PIN RS576B SWITCH DIMMER RS748 SINGLE OP AMP                                                              8 PIN S-AV7 POWER MODULE RF SA602AN DOUBLE BALANCED RF MIXER/OSC                                8 PIN SA612AN DOUBLE BALANCED RF MIXER/OSC                                8 PIN SAA1004N FREQUENCY DIVIDER (ITT)                                           14 PIN SAA1251 64 CH RX FOR TV REMOTE SAA1274 CONTROLLER FOR FREQ SYNTH CH1 TO 74                  24 PIN SAA5050 CHARACTER GENERATOR                                             28 PIN SAB8284A-P CPU SYSTEM CLOCK GENERATOR BIPOLAR                18 PIN SAS560C SWITCH/AMP FOR TOUCH KEYS                                   16 PIN SCN2681-ACIN40 DUAL ASYNCHRONOUS RX/TX  DUART                          40 PIN SDA4212 PHASE LOCK LOOP 1.64 OR 1.256 1.3Ghz                       8 PIN SDA5231 DATA SLICER FOR TELETEXT   5 Vcc                             28 PIN SG3524N SWITCHED MODE POWER SUPPLY CIRCUIT                 16 PIN SG3525AN PWM CONTROLLER MOS,NOR LOGIC OUTPUT              16 PIN SG3543N POWER SUPPLY OUTPUT SUPERVISORY CIRCUIT        16 PIN SL486 INFRA RED REMOTE CONTROL PREAMP                       16 PIN SL1430 TV IF PREAMP Fco 110Mhz NF 4DB Vcc 12V                    8 PIN SL1431 TV IF PREAMP Fco 110Mhz WITH AGE Vcc 12V                8 PIN SL1432 TV IF PREAMP Fco 110Mhz WITH AGC Vcc 12V                8 PIN SL1611C RF VOLTAGE AMPLIFIER WITH AGC  V/G  23 TO 30  80Mhz 8PIN SL1620C AGC GENERATOR TO BE USED WITH SL1630C                 8 PIN SL6440C HIGH LEVEL MIXER   150Mhz     Vcc  15V                        16 PIN SN72741J VOLTAGE FEEDBACK OP AMP                                      14 PIN SN72741P VOLTAGE FEEDBACK OP AMP                                        8 PIN SN72748L VOLTAGE FEEDBACK OP AMP                                 8 PIN CAN SN74F00N QUAD 2 INPUT NAND GATES                                          14 PIN SN7510L                                                                             8 PIN CAN SN75110AN DUAL LINE DRIVER 12ma OUTPUT                                  14 PIN SN75113N DUAL DIFFERENTIAL LINE DRIVER  5Vcc                        16 PIN SN75150P DRIVER TX SINGLE ENDED SUPPLY -12/+12                     8 PIN SN75174N QUAD DIFF RS422/RS485 LINE DRIVER                          16 PIN SN75188 QUAD RS232 LINE DRIVER                                            14 PIN SN75451BP DUAL PERIPHERAL DRIVER POS AND FUNCTION             9 PIN SN76115N FM MULTIPLEXER STEREO DECODER                            14 PIN SN76514N BALANCED MODEM                                                      14 PIN SN76600P WIDE RANGE AGC/IF AMP FOR RADIO/TV                        8 PIN SNB54LS95BJ 4 BIT PARALLEL ACCESS SHIFT REGISTERS                 14 PIN SNC54LS32J QUAD 2 INPUT POS OR GATES                                      14 PIN SNC54S74J DUAL D-TYPE POS EDGE TRIG FIP/FLOP                       14 PIN SO41P FM /IF/DEMODULATOR/AMP                                           14 PIN SO42P AM/FM MIXER/DEMODULATOR TO 200Mhz                      14 PIN SP380A QUAD 2 INPUT NOR GATE                                              14 PIN SP8515 PRESCALER 450Mhz DIVIDE BY 10                                14 PIN STA341M TRANSISTOR ARRAY  +30v — 30v —  @  1A   hfe 100 STK080 HYBRID AF AMPLIFIER                                               MODULE STK086 AUDIO AMP MONO   60W  @  8R  Vcc  55V                MODULE STK3042 AUDIO PREAMP MONO  Vcc 80V                                MODULE STK4141MK2 AUDIO AMP STEREO   25W @ 8 ohms                        MODULE STK435 HYBRID STEREO AMPLIFIER  2   X  7 WATTS              MODULE STK437 HYBRID STEREO AMPLIFIER  2   X  10 WATTS            MODULE STK441 HYBRID STEREO AMPLIFIER  2   X  20 WATTS            MODULE STK461 HYBRID STEREO AMPLIFIER  2   X  20 WATTS            MODULE STR54041 HYBRID VOLTAGE REGULATOR             5 PIN            MODULE STR58041 HYBRID VOLTAGE REGULATOR             5 PIN            MODULE STV9379 VERTICAL DEFLECTION BOOSTER         HEPTAWATT  7PIN TA7061AP VIDEO AMPLIFIER BIPOLAR                             8 PIN SIP TA7120P AUDIO PREAMP STEREO  Vcc 15V                         SIL 7 TA7130P FM IF  DIFF 3 STAGE AMP/PEAK DETECTOR          SIL 7 TA7193P CHROME PROCESSOR                                         24 PIN TA7205AP AUDIO AMP 5.8W @ 4 ohms                           SIL 10 TAB TA7208P AUDIO AMP  2W   @  4 ohms                                 SIL 10 TA7222P AUDIO AMP 5.8W @ 4 ohms TA7230P AUDIO AMP 4W @ 4 ohms STEREO 16 Vcc           SIL 10 TA7232P AUDIO AMP 2.2W @ 4 ohms STEREO 16 Vcc        SIL 12 TA7233P AUDIO AMP 4.5W @ 4 ohms STEREO 16 Vcc        SIL 12 TA7310P VCO  MIXER  BUFFER                                            SIL 9 TA75558P DUAL OP AMP INTERNAL COMP  Vcc 18V             8 PIN TA7640AP LOW POWER FM/AM IF SYSTEM                         16 PIN TA8220H POWER AMPLIFIER  2 X 19W        18V            17 PIN SIL TA8221L POWER AMPLIFIER  2 X 19W        18V            17 PIN SIL TA8427K POWER AMP FOR DRIVING DEFLECTION CIRCUIT  7 SIL TAA310A AUDIO PRE-AMP  Vcc 7V TAA621AX/1 SINGLE AUDIO AMPLIFIER 14 PIN QIL HEATSINK BAR TAA661A FM IF AMPLIFIER LIMITER & DETECTOR            TO99-10 TBA120S FM IF AMP & DETECTOR FOR TV/RADIO RX        14 PIN TBA120AS FM RECEIVER CIRCUIT                               14 PIN QUIP TBA810AS DUAL CHANNEL AUDIO AMP 3.6W  @  4R  12 PIN QUIP TBA810S TV AUDIO AMP 6 WATT @   4R Vcc 20V     12 PIN QUIP TBA820 1.2 WATT AUDIO AMP    Vcc  3 TO 16 V      14 PIN QUIP TBA820F 1.2 WATT AUDIO AMP    Vcc  3 TO 16 V                8 PIN TBA820M 1.2 WATT AUDIO AMP    Vcc  3 TO 16 V                8 PIN TBA2800 INFRARED PRE-AMPLIFIER  + 5V                        14 PIN TBP24S41N TTL 1K x 4 BIT PROM  FUSE PROGRAMMABLE   18 PIN TC4011BP QUAD 2 INPUT NAND GATES                               14 PIN TC4066BP QUAD BI-LATERAL SWITCH                                 14 PIN TC5516APL2 STATIC RAM 2K X 8 200ns 3 STATE Vcc 5V          24 PIN TC9153AP VOLUME/AUDIO SIGNAL GAIN CONTROL             16 PIN TC9402CPD V/F F/V CONVERTER 10Hz TO 100Khz                 14 PIN TCA270Q TELEVISION SIGNAL PROCESSING CIRCUIT  16 PIN QIL TCA270SQ TELEVISION SIGNAL PROCESSING CIRCUIT  16 PIN QIL TCA971 5 TRANSISTOR ARRAY Vceo 42V FT 300M           14 PIN TDA1005A FREQ MULTIPLEX PLL STEREO DECODER          16 PIN TDA1010A AUDIO AMP SINGLE CHN  3.4W  @  8R  Vcc  24V TDA1011A 2 TO 6W AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER                      9 SIL TDA1013A 4W AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER                              9 SIL TDA1015 1 to 4 WATT AUDIO POWER AMP WITH PREAMP   9 SIL TDA1020 12 WATT CAR RADIO POWER AMP WITH PREAMP  9 SIL TDA1022 ANALOG BUCKET BRIGADE DELAY LINE            16 PIN TDA1024 TRIAC TRIGGER MAINS ZERO                               8 PIN TDA1035T SOUND CHANNEL FOR TV RX                              12 QIL TDA1054-M2 PREAMP ALC CASSETTE RECORDERS STEREO 16 PIN TDA1062 FM FRONT END FOR HI-FI UP TO 250Mhz             16 PIN TDA1072 AM RECEIVER CIRCUIT  мах 31Mhz  Vcc 15V      16 PIN TDA1083 AUDIO AMP MONO 300mw @ 8 ohms Vcc 9V        16 PIN TDA1085C UNI MOTOR SPEED CONTROLLER                        16 PIN TDA1180P HORIZONTAL PROCESSOR FOR TV                      16 PIN TDA1200A FM RADIO RX CIRCUIT  BIPOLAR                           16 PIN TDA1515A STEREO AMP 2 X 12W                                     SOT141-6 TDA1517 DUAL CHANNEL AUDIO AMP  5W  @  4R          9 PIN SIP TDA1519C 22W BTL OR 2 X 11W STEREO AMP                 9 PIN SIL TDA1524A STEREO  TONE  VOLUME  CONTROL CIRCUIT     18 PIN TDA1675A VERTICAL DEFLECTION CIRCUIT                          15 ZIP TDA1905 5W AUDIO AMP WITH MUTING                             16 PIN TDA1908A 8 WATT AUDIO AMP                                      12 PIN QIL TDA1950 LINE OSC CCT FOR TV RX TDA2002 AUDIO AMP MONO 8W @ 4 ohms Vcc 14V             5 SIL TDA2003H 10 WATT CAR RADIO AUDIO AMP                     5/TO220 TDA2003V 10 WATT CAR RADIO AUDIO AMP                     5/TO220 TDA2004 10+10 WATT STEREO AMP FOR CAR RADIO       11 ZIP TDA2005 20 WATT CAR RADIO P /AMP BRIDGE COM 11 MULTIWATT TDA2006 AUDIO AMP MONO 12W @ 4 ohms Vcc 15V           5 SIL TDA2007 DUAL CHN AUDIO AMP  5.5W         Vcc 18V     9 PIN SIL TDA2020 AUDIO AMP MONO 20W @ 4ohms Vcc 40V          14 QIL TD2030H 14 WATT HI-FI AUDIO POWER AMP                   5/TO220 TDA2030AV 18 WATT HI-FI AUDIO POWER AMP                   5/TO220 TDA2040 22 WATT HI-FI AUDIO POWER AMP                   5/TO220 TDA2050 25 WATT HI-FI AUDIO POWER AMP                   5/TO220 TDA2320A DUAL CHN AUDIO PRE-AMP  Vcc  15V                  8 PIN TDA2532 RGB MATRIX PREAMP WITH CLAMP Vcc 13.2V   16 PIN TDA2576A HORIZONTAL OSC SYSTEM & VERT 625 DIV       16 PIN TDA2577 TV SYNC CIRCUIT WITH VERTICAL OSC              18 PIN TDA2577A TV SYNC CIRCUIT WITH VERTICAL OS                18 PIN TDA2578A TV SYNC CIRCUIT WITH VERTICAL OSC              18 PIN TDA2579A HORI / VERT SYNCHRONIZATION CIRCUIT           18 PIN TDA2579B HORI / VERT SYNCHRONIZATION CIRCUIT           18 PIN TDA2600 VERT DEFLECTION CIRCUIT FOR 90/110 deg TV  16 PIN TDA2615 2 X 16W  HI-FI POWER AMP                                 SIL 9 TDA2763 12W + 12W  STEREO AMP MUTING        11 CLIP WATT TDA2822M DUAL CHN AUDIO POWER AMP 4ohms Vcc 15V 16 PIN TDA3030B NTSC HUE CONTROL PAL/SECAM SWITCH        28 PIN TDA3300B PAL NTSC DECODER ON SCREEN DISPLAY      40 PIN TDA3410 DUAL AUDIO PREAMP LOW NOISE                    16 PIN TDA3562A-PH PAL/NTSC ONE CHIP DECODER   PH                 28 PIN TDA3562A-ST PAL/NTSC ONE CHIP DECODER   ST                  28 PIN TDA3562A-TSL PAL/NTSC ONE CHIP DECODER   TSL                28 PIN TDA3651 FRAME TIMEBASE                                         9 PIN SIL TDA3652 VERTICAL DEFLECTION AND GUARD CIRCUIT  9 PIN SIL TDA3654 VERTICAL DEFLECTION AND GUARD CIRCUIT  9 PIN SIL TDA3654Q VERTICAL DEFLECTION AND GUARD CIRCUIT      SBD9 TDA4050B AUDIO PREAMP INTERNAL AGC Vcc 16V             8 PIN TDA4601 SMPS  VOLTAGE MODE SINGLE OUT         MT60 9 PIN TDA4605 SMPS TOTEM POLE MAX OUT 15V @ 1.5A          8 PIN TDA4605-2 SMPS TOTEM POLE MAX OUT   8V @  500ma      8 PIN TDA4858 ECONOMY AUTOSYNC DEF CONTROLLER     S-32 PIN TDA4950 TV EAST/WEST CORRECTION CIRCUIT                8 PIN TDA5030A TV VHF MIXER/OSC/UHF PRE-AMP                    18 PIN TDA5700 AM/FM RADIO RECEIVER                                   16 PIN TDA7000 FM RADIO WITH RF INPUT MIXER IF LOC OSC    18 PIN TDA7052 AUDIO AMP SINGLE CHN 1.2W   Vcc 15V             8 PIN TDA7240A 20 WATT BRIDGE AMP FOR CAR RADIO               7 PIN TDA8145 TV EAST/WEST CORRECTION CIRCUIT                 8 PIN TDA8172 TV VERTICAL DEFLECTION OUTPUT CIR   HEPTAWATT TDA8351 DC DEFLECTION VERTICAL OUTPUT               9 PIN SIL TDA8380 SMPS CONTROLLER                                          16 PIN TDA8424 STEREO AUDIO PROCESSOR  1 2c -BUS           20 PIN TDA8441 SWITCH FOR CTV RECEIVERS                           18 PIN TDA9103 DEF/PROCESSOR  MULTI SYNC MONITOR 42 SHR PIN TEA1061 TELEPHONE TRANSMISSION CIR                       18 PIN TEA2000 PAL/NTSC COLOUR ENCODER  12V +                18 PIN TEA2018A SMPS CURRENT MODE SINGLE OUTPUT             8 PIN TEA2025B AUDIO AMP DUAL CHANNEL 0.7 WATT @ 4R      16 PIN TEA2165 SMPS  CURRENT MODE                                     16 PIN TEA5101B RGB HIGH VOLTAGE VIDEO AMP          MULTIWATT 15 TEA5114A RGB SWITCHING CIRCUIT 25Mhz BANDWIDTH    16 PIN TL061CN LOW POWER BIFET OP AMP                               8 PIN TL062CN LOW POWER DUAL BIFET OP AMP                      8 PIN TLO62CP LOW POWER DUAL BIFET OP AMP                      8 PIN TL064CN LOW POWER QUAD BIFET OP AMP                   14 PIN TL071CN LOW NOISE LOW POWER JFET OP AMP             8 PIN TL071CP LOW NOISE LOW POWER JFET OP AMP             8 PIN TL072CN HIGH SPEED JFET DUAL OP AMP                        8 PIN TL072CP HIGH SPEED JFET DUAL OP AMP                        8 PIN TL074CN LOW NOISE QUAD BIFET OP AMP                     14 PIN TL081CN LOW POWER BIFET OP AMP  HIGH SLEW RATE  8 PIN TL081CP LOW POWER BIFET OP AMP  HIGH SLEW RATE  8 PIN TL082CN L/POWER DUAL BIFET OP AMP/HIGH SLEW RATE 8 PIN TL082CP L/POWER DUAL BIFET OP AMP/HIGH SLEW RATE 8 PIN TL083CN L/POWER DUAL JFET OP  AMP/HIGH SLEW RATE  14 PIN TL084CN L/POWER QUAD BIFET OP AMP/HIGH SLEW RATE  14 PIN TL084CP L/POWER QUAD BIFET OP AMP/HIGH SLEW RATE  14 PIN TL494CN SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY                        16 PIN TL720CN DUAL DIFF VOLTAGE COMPARATOR                  14 PIN TL7702ACP SUPPLY VOLTAGE SUPERVISOR                         8 PIN TL7705ACP SUPPLY VOLTAGE SUPERVISOR                         8 PIN TLC251CP CMOS OP AMP L/POWER SINGLE/DUAL SUPPLY  8 PIN TLC271CP L/POWER CMOS OP AMP SINGLE/DUAL SUPPLY  8 PIN TLC272CP DUAL LIN CMOS OPERATIONAL AMP HIGH BIAS    8 PIN TLC27L4CN QUAD OP AMP LOW POWER                               14 PIN TLC27M4CN CMOS QUAD OP AMP TLC372CP DUAL L/POWER CMOS DIFF COMPARATOR          8 PIN TLC555CP LOW POWER CMOS TIMER                                   8 PIN TMP47C434N-3555 4 BIT MICROCONTROLLER                                   42 PIN TMPZ84C00AP 8 BIT MICROPROCESSOR 4 Mhz CLOCK 5Vcc     40 PIN TMS2764-JL45 64K  8Kx8  EPROM 450ns ACCESS                      24 PIN TMS4116-30NH DYNAMIC RAM  16K  X 1    300ns ACCESS           16 PIN TOP214YAI OFF LINE PWM SWITCH   50 -85W  @  230Vac     TO220 TOP223Y OFF LINE PWM SWITCH   50W  @   230Vac         TO220 TP3057J SERIAL IF CODEC/FILTER A LAW TX H/L PASS   16 PIN TS27L2CN DUAL OP AMP LOW POWER                                8 PIN TS555CN CMOS LOW POWER TIMER                                  8 PIN TS556CN CMOS LOW POWER DUAL TIMER                       14 PIN TSC811CPP A/D CONVERTER 3.5 DIGIT/7 SEG DISPLAY        40 PIN TSC9400CJ V TO F CONVERTOR                                           14 PIN U267B LED DISPLAY DRIVER                                          8 PIN U2401 BATTERY CHARGER                                            8 PIN UA324PC QUAD OP AMP                                                   14 PIN UA555TC SINGLE TIMER                                                     8 PIN UA709 OP AMP                                                               8 PIN UA709CP OP AMP                                                               8 PIN UA721PC AM/FM RADIO SYSTEM   18V                             16 PIN UA733CN DIFFERENTIAL VIDEO AMPLIFIER                       14 PIN UA739PC DUAL  LOW NOISE PRE-AMP Vcc 15V                14 PIN UA741CD COMPENSATED OP AMP SMD                             8 PIN UA741CN COMPENSATED OP AMP                                     8 PIN UA741CP COMPENSATED OP AMP                                     8 PIN UA741HM COMPENSATED OP AMP                             CAN 8 PIN UA747CN DUAL COMPENSATED OP AMP                          14 PIN UA747PC DUAL COMPENSATED OP AMP                          14 PIN UA748C SINGLE OP AMP                                                   8 PIN UA758PC PHASE LOCKED LOOP FM STEREO MULTI/DEC  16 PIN UA1488PC QUAD RS232 LINE DRIVER                                   14 PIN UA1489APC QUAD RS232 LINE RECEIVER                              14 PIN UA9636ATC RS423 DUAL PROGRAM LINE DRIVER                   8 PIN UC3525AN SMPS CONTROLLER   5V                                     16 PIN UC3842AN CURRENT MODE PWM CONTROLLER                    8 PIN UC3842N CURRENT MODE PWM CONTROLLER                    8 PIN UC3843N CURRENT MODE PWM CONTROLLER                    8 PIN UC3844N CURRENT MODE PWM CONTROLLER                    8 PIN UC3845N CURRENT MODE PWM CONTROLLER                    8 PIN UC3906N BATTERY CHARGER CONTROLLER  40V              16 PIN UCN5801A HIGH SPEED BIMOS DARLINGTON ARRAY           22 PIN UCN5815A-1 8 BIT LATCH/DRIVER 25ma/80V SOURCE              22 PIN ULN2001 POWER DRIVER 7 LINE  Vcc 5 V  SMD                 16 PIN ULN2001A TRANSISTOR ARRAY  7 NPN DARL @ 500ma/50V 16 PIN ULN2002A HIGH CURRENT DARLINGTON ARRAY                   16 PIN ULN2003A TRANSISTOR ARRAY 7 NPN DARL 5+IN 500ma      16 PIN ULN2004A TRAN ARRAY 7 NPN DARL 6/15V IN 500ma/50V     16 PIN ULN2064B QUAD DARL DRIVER 1.5A/50V-COM EMITTERS     16 PIN ULN2065B QUAD DARL DRIVER 1.5A/80V-COM EMITTERS     16 PIN ULN2068B QUAD DARL DRIVER 1.5A/50V-COM EMITTERS     16 PIN ULN2069B QUAD POWER DRIVER  1.5A/80V 2.8W  O/C         16 PIN ULN2801A TRAN ARRAY 8 NPN DARL +5V IN 500ma CMOS   18 PIN ULN2803A TRAN ARR 8NPN DAR +5V/IN 500ma TTL/CMOS    18 PIN ULN2804A 8 HIGH POWER DARLINGTON DRIVERS 6-15V      18 PIN ULN2805A DARLINGTON ARRAY                                            16 PIN UM5100 VOICE PROCESSOR  3-6V OPERATION                40 PIN UPB8212C 8 BIT I/O PORT BIP  (8080)  5Vcc                           24 PIN UPC30C AM TUNER   6 — 13 SUPPLY                                  16 PIN UPC324C LOW POWER QUAD  OP AMP                              14 PIN UPC554C FM MULTIPLEX STEREO DEMODULATOR             14 PIN UPC575C2 AUDIO AMP MONO 1.5W @ 8 ohms  Vcc 12V         8 PIN UPC576H AUDIO AMP MONO 3 W @ 8ohms  Vcc 18V UPC577H FM/IF AMPLIFIER                                                    7 SIL UPC1020H AUDIO AMP MONO 4.5 W @ 4 ohms UPC1028H FM IF AMP & DISCRIMINATOR                                7 SIL UPC1037H DOUBLE BALANCED MODULATOR Vcc 6V             7 SIP UPC1182H CAR RADIO AUDIO AMP  9.2W @ 2R                      7 SIP UPC1186H AUDIO PREAMP STEREO Vcc 13V                        8 SIP UPC1242H AUDIO AMP CAR RADIO & STEREO  7W   8 PIN SIP/TAB UPC1263C2 AUDIO AMP STEREO 2 W @ 8 ohms                    14 PIN UPC1394C SWITCHING REGULATOR  Vcc 6.6V                     14 PIN UPC4558C DUAL OP AMP  Vcc 15V                                        8 PIN UPD43256BCZ 256K X 8 CMOS RAM 70ns (70LL)                         28 PIN VCU2100A VIDEO CODEC              Vcc 15V X2864AD-35 64K (8Kx8) EEPROM 350 ns ACCESS                  28 PIN XR215CP PHASE LOCKED LOOP                                       16 PIN XR567CN TONE DECODER                                                   8 PIN XR2206CP MONOLITHIC FUNCTION GENERATOR                 16 PIN XR2211CP FSK DEMODULATOR/TONE DECODER                14 PIN Z80BCTC COUNTER TIMER 6Mhz Z80CTC 4 CHANNEL COUNTER/TIMER                              40 PIN Z80SIO/2 SERIAL I/P — O/P CONTROLLER Z8400BI 8 BIT MICROPROCESSOR  2.5Mhz  Vcc 5V          40 PIN Z84C00AB6Y 8 BIT MICROPROCESSOR  4 Mhz   (Z80CPU)        40 PIN Z84C20AB6 PROGRAMMABLE I/O CONTROLLER Vcc 5V        40 PIN Z8420ABI NMOS PARALLEL I/O CONTROLLER  5Vcc           40 PIN Z8430ABI NMOS COUNTER/TIMER CIRCUIT  CLOCK 4Mhz   28 PIN ZN346E QUAD 2 INPUT NOR GATE                                   14 PIN ZN404 PRECISION VOLTAGE REF REGULATOR  2.45V  2/TO18 ZN427E8 8 BIT MICROPROCESSOR COMPATIBLE ADC      18 PIN ZN1034E PRECISION COUNTER TIME RS (305-850)             14 PIN ZO853006PSC COMMUNICATION INTERFACE Vcc 5V                 40 PIN ZRB500YOI 5.0V PRECISION REFERENCE IC  T.C. 50ppm/C  1% TOL 4000 DUAL 3 INPUT NOR GATE PLUS INVERTER  14 PIN 4001 QUAD 2 INPUT NOR GATE                            14 PIN 4001UB QUAD 2 INPUT NOR GATE UNBUFFERED     14 PIN 4002 DUAL 4 INPUT NOR GATE                             14 PIN 4006 18 BIT STATIC SHIFT REGISTER                    14 PIN 4007 DUAL COMP PAIR PLUS INVERTER              14 PIN 4007UB DUAL COMP PAIR PLUS INVERTER UNBUFFERED 14 PIN 4008 4 BIT ADDER                                                 16 PIN 4009 HEX BUFFER/CONVERTER INVERTING          16 PIN 4010 HEX BUFFER   NON INVERTING                     16 PIN 4011 QUAD 2 INPUT NAND GATE                           14 PIN 4011UB QUAD 2 INPUT NAND GATE  UNBUFFERED   14 PIN 4012 DUAL 4 INPUT NAND GATE                            14 PIN 4013 DUAL D FLIP/FLOP WITH SET/RESET            14 PIN 4014 8 BIT STATIC SHIFT REGISTER                      16 PIN 4015 DUAL 4 BIT STATIC SHIFT REGISTER             16 PIN 4016 QUAD BI-LATERAL SWITCH                           14 PIN 4017 DECADE COUNTER/DIVIDER                         16 PIN 4018 PRESETTABLE DIVIDE-BY-N COUNTER         16 PIN 4019 QUAD AND/OR SELECT GATE                       16 PIN 4020 14 STAGE RIPPLE CARRY BINARY COUNTER 16 PIN 4020 14 STAGE RIPPLE CARRY BINARY COUNTER 16 PIN  SMD 4021 8 BIT STATIC SHIFT REGISTER                        16 PIN 4022 DIVIDE BY-8 COUNTER/COUNTER                   16 PIN 4023 TRIPLE 3 INPUT NAND GATE                           14 PIN 4024 7 BIT BINARY COUNTER                                  14 PIN 4025 TRIPLE 3 INPUT NOR GATE                             14 PIN 4026 DECADE COUNTER/DIVIDER                           16 PIN 4027 DUAL J-K FLIP/FLOP                                       16 PIN 4028 BCD-TO-DECIMAL DECODER                          16 PIN 4029 PRESETTABLE UP/DOWN BINARY/DECADE COUNTER 16 PIN 4030 QUAD EX-OR GATE                                         14 PIN 4031 64 STAGE STATIC SHIFT REGISTER                16 PIN 4032 TRIPLE SERIAL ADDER POSITIVE LOGIC         16 PIN 4033 DECADE COUNTER/DIVIDER 7 SEG +RIPPLE BLANK  16 PIN 4034 8 STAGE STATIC SHIFT REGISTER                  24 PIN 4035 4 BIT SHIFT REGISTER                                    16 PIN 4036 4 WORD x 8 BIT STATIC RAM                          24 PIN 4038 TRIPLE SERIAL ADDER NEGATIVE LOGIC       16 PIN 4040 12 BIT BINARY RIPPLE COUNTER/DIVIDER      16 PIN 4041 QUAD TRUE/COMPLEMENT BUFFER               14 PIN 4042 QUAD D LATCH                                                16 PIN 4043 QUAD TRI-STATE NOR R/S LATCH                    16 PIN 4044 QUAD TRI-STATE NAND R/S LATCH                  16 PIN 4045 21 STAGE BINARY RIPPLE COUNTER/XTAL/T/CCT 16 PIN 4046 PHASE LOCKED LOOP                                     16 PIN 4047 MONOSTABLE/ASTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR        14 PIN 4048 MULTIFUNCTION EXPAND 8-INPUT GATE 3 STATE 16 PIN 4049 HEX INVERTING BUFFER                                   16 PIN 4049UB HEX INVERTING UNBUFFERED                          16 PIN 4050 HEX BUFFER                                                     16 PIN 4051 SINGLE 8 CHANNEL MULTIPLEXER                    16 PIN 4052 DIFFERENTIAL 4 CHANNEL MULTIPLEXER         16 PIN 4053 TRIPLE 2 CHANNEL MULTIPLEXER                     16 PIN 4054 4 SEGMENT LCD DISPLAY DRIVER                    16 PIN 4055 BCD TO 7 SEG MULTIPLEXED LCD DIS DRIVER  16 PIN 4056 BCD TO 7 SEGMENT LCD DECODER/DRIVER     16 PIN 4059 PROGRAMMABLE DIVIDE BY N COUNTER         24 PIN 4060 14 STAGE RIPPLE CARRY BINARY COUNTER    16 PIN 4063 4 BIT MAGNITUDE COMPARATOR                      16 PIN 4066 QUAD BI-LATERAL SWITCH                                14 PIN 4067 16 CH ANALOGUE MULTIPLEXER/DEMULTIPLEXER 24 PIN 4068 8 INPUT NAND GATE                                          14 PIN 4069UB HEX INVERTER UNBUFFERED                            14 PIN 4070 QUAD EXCLUSIVE OR GATE                               14 PIN 4071 QUAD 2 INPUT OR GATE                                     14 PIN 4072 DUAL 4 INPUT OR GATE                                      14 PIN 4073 TRIPLE 3 INPUT AND GATE                                 14 PIN 4075 TRIPLE 3 INPUT OR GATE                                   14 PIN 4076 TRI-STATE QUAD LATCH                                     16 PIN 4077 QUAD EXCLUSIVE NOR GATE                             14 PIN 4078 8 INPUT NOR/OR GATE                                       14 PIN 4081 QUAD 2 INPUT AND GATE                                   14 PIN 4082 DUAL 4 INPUT AND GATE                                    14 PIN 4085 DUAL 2 WIDE INPUT AND/OR INVERT GATE        14 PIN 4086 EXPAND 4 WIDE 2 INPUT AND/OR/INVERT GATE 14 PIN 4089 4 BIT BINARY RATE MULTIPLIER                         16 PIN 4093 QUAD 2 INPUT NAND SCHMITT TRIGGER            14 PIN 4094 8 STAGE SHIFT AND STORE BUS REGISTER      16 PIN 4095 NON/INVERT INPUT J-K MASTER SLAVE FLIP/FLOP 14 PIN 4096 INVERT/NON INVERT INPUT J-K MA/SL FLIP/FLOP    14 PIN 4097 DIFF 8CH ANALOG MULTIPLEXER/DEMULTIPLEXER  24 PIN 4098 RETRIGGABLE DUAL MONOSTABLE MULTIBRATOR 16 PIN 4099 8 BIT ADDRESSABLE LATCH                              16 PIN 40105 4 BIT x 16 WORD FIFO REGISTER 3 STATE         16 PIN 40106 HEX SCHMITT TRIGGER                                      14 PIN 40107 DUAL 2 INPUT NAND GATE    DRIVER                   8 PIN 40108 4 x 4 MULTIPORT REGISTER 3 STATE OUTPUT    24 PIN 40109 QUAD LOW TO HIGH VOLT LEVEL SHIFTER 3 STATE 16 PIN 40174 HEX D TYPE FLIP FLOP WITH RESET                     16 PIN 4500 INDUSTRIAL CONTROL UNIT                                   16 PIN 4501 DUAL 4IN NAND 2IN NOR/OR 8IN AND/NAND GATE  16 PIN 4502 STROBED HEX INVERTER/BUFFER                        16 PIN 4503 TRI-STATE HEX BUFFER                                        16 PIN 4504 HEX LEVEL SHIFTER                                             16 PIN 4505 64 x 1BIT STATIC RAM                                           14 PIN 4506 DUAL EXPANDABLE AND/OR GATE                       16 PIN 4507 QUAD EXCLUSIVE-OR-GATE                                  14 PIN 4508 DUAL 4BIT LATCH                                                  24 PIN 4510 BCD UP/DOWN COUNTER                                     16 PIN 4511 BCD TO 7 SEGMENT DECODER/DRIVER               16 PIN 4512 8 CHANNEL DATA SELECTOR                               16 PIN 4513 BCD TO 7 SEGMENT LATCH/DECODER/DRIVER    18 PIN 4514 4 BIT LATCH/4 TO 16 LINE DECODER     HIGH        24 PIN 4515 4 BIT LATCH/4 TO 16 LINE DECODER     LOW        24 PIN 4516 BINARY UP/DOWN COUNTER                               16 PIN 4517 DUAL 64 BIT STATIC SHIFT REGISTER                  16 PIN 4518 DUAL BCD UP COUNTER                                      16 PIN 4519 4 BIT AND/OR SELECTOR                                     16 PIN 4520 DUAL BINARY COUNTER                                      16 PIN 4521 24 STAGE FREQUENCY DIVIDER                          16 PIN 4522 DIVIDE BY N COUNTER         BCD                         16 PIN 4526 DIVIDE BY N COUNTER       BINARY                      16 PIN 4527 BCD RATE/MULTIPLIER                                         16 PIN 4528 DUAL RETRIG RESET/MONOSTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR  16 PIN 4529 DUAL 4 CH ANALOG DATA SELECTOR                 16 PIN 4530 DUAL 5 INPUT MAJORITY LOGIC GATE                 16 PIN 4531 12 BIT PARITY TREE                                             16 PIN 4532 8 INPUT PRIORITY ENCODER                                16 PIN 4534 REAL TIME 5 DECADE COUNTER                          24 PIN 4536 PROGRAMMABLE TIMER                                      16 PIN 4538 DUAL MONOSTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR                  16 PIN 4539 DUAL 4 CH DATA SELECTOR/MULTIPLEXER         16 PIN 4541 16 BIT PROGRAMMABLE COUNTER/TIMER/OSC & RESET 14 PIN 4543 BCD TO 7 SEGMENT LATCH/DECODER/DRIVER/LCDS  16 PIN 4584 HEX INVERTER WITH SCHMITT TRIGGER              14 PIN 4585 4 BIT MAGNITUDE COMPARATOR                         16 PIN 54S86 QUAD 2 INPUT EXCLUSIVE OR GATE                    14 PIN 6625031101/01 MEMORY                                                            40 PIN
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